I need this!

why oh why didn’t I think of this earlier.  What a numb nut.  I was pondering this fencing issue and the cost and the blah blah while sipping gin in my hotel room (stranded in New Orleans due to bad weather….such a shame) when out of the blue ether that is Tanqueray a light bulb went off.

Dumb ass needs a living and breathing fence.  A place of sanctuary for small woodland creatures and birds of a feather that wish to flock together.  This living fence needs to be sturdy enough to stop wild horses and beasties from charging through it. What fencing is this you ask? 

The hedgerow.  That it what we need on the farm.  A veritable display of English looking hedgerows that are practical and fabulous.  English hedgerows consist of hawthorn and blackthorns and you can even weave in some other shit to make it even prettier.  I like their smell.  They remind me of my old primary school in England.  The playing field was surrounded by these hedgerows.  Some hedgerows are protected!  Farmers are not allowed to remove them. 

Pretty Pretty!

Also (and this is very important) they make exceptional witches brooms and fairies live in em.  Seriously.  I haven’t even covered the medicinal benefits.  And if I decide to commemorate May Day then I’ll need a good source of hawthorn on the property to make me a May pole. 

But I ask you.  Where do I find English hawthorn in the US?  Any ideas?  I’ve surfed the Internet and have gotten zero results.  I’ve reached out to a local garden center ….not even a snifter of response.  Am I asking too much?  Were the Beatles enough?  No more English invaders in the US please!  Am I committing treason asking for this?

You can understand the criticality of my dilemma.  Its imperative that I find these hawthorns and have them at the farm.  Please help an old witch who needs a new broom.  Fetch me a shrubbery!

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