Buried deep

covered in snow, the coldframes heaving with the latest snow fall.  I’d brushed them off yesterday and figured I’d better finish the job before the temperatures plunged into the single digits.

A brush prevents someone clutsy like me from breaking the glass which, by the way, was covered in these intricate Jack Frost designs but I couldn’t get a great picture of them.  The light was not cooperating.  My illegal potatoes are in these cold frames but I think that I shall be suitably punished by them not holding up in the cold.  Only time will tell. 

Sunset on the winter gardenThe rest of the yard looks equally disinterested in me being in it.  I shook some of the snow off my evergreens and filled the bird feeder but there is not much to do other than order new stuff for the spring.  I have a huge list of apple trees that I will be ordering for a new orchard up at the farm.  I also have found a supplier of hawthorn (thanks John) who has ample stock and can keep us occupied in the spring with hedgerow planting. 

Brushing the knee deep snow off my jeans I couldn’t help but see the sign below and read instead “Don’t let the garden gate hit you on the ass on the way out”.

Don't let the garden gate...............

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