Been studying, been working, been travelling, been lazy, been drunk………..and that’s all the excuses I am willing to provide for my lack of doing anything at UrbanDirtGarden.  Spring giddiness allowed me to turn over and weed the garden and put the potatoes into the cold frames yesterday. 

I even got a sun burn watching Lucy play soccer.  And then this morning…….oh yes, it bloody well snowed again and here I be, on the airplane, 45 minutes delayed trying to set off to work this morning.

The weather is fickle but at least the lawn feed we put down yesterday will be nicely soaked into the ground. 

I have a dozen apple trees, 3 yellow rambling roses, asparagus, rhubarb, and 6 blackberry bushes in the basement waiting to be planted up at the farm.  And this weekend that is what we will be doing.  Digging holes and planting stuff.  I shall be sure to take photo’s for your viewing pleasure. 

And in the meantime I shall leave you with my latest acquisition.  No its not gardening related, you can barely fit a bag of bulbs in it and I doubt it will be useful around the farm but its just so cute I had to share it with you.

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