Its a Bloody Big Sign

and what a wonderful sign it is.  Painted on an old door we found behind the garage at the farm house we had a fabulous local artist paint it with our new Urban Dirt Farm logo that Michele designed for us (see Excellent Designer link).  We lack the talent to do these things.  It will reside at the entrance of the farm on a fence that is yet to be built. 

The UPS guy should be able to find us!  No doubt our “real” farming neighbors will find this amusing and think that the new city folk are a bit nuts…..and they would be right but who gives a shit.  Especially as we are not yet in the business of farming anything and it appears that a huge big farm sign was a higher priority than a fence and gate…..or a tractor….or even a lawn mower. 

Not a real Bambie

But all that will change this weekend……we hope.  We’ve heard that Princeton, WI is getting snow right now.  Bah snow shmow…that won’t stop us.  If we’d wanted a place with a longer growing season then we shouldn’t have picked Wisconsin BUT, at least we can visit on weekends rather than hop a plane! 

How else can we U-Haul up the beds, rugs, ottomans, books, movies, things that have lurked in the basement un-used, booze and a papier-mache deer head.  I figure all farm houses have one of those.  

The purchasing of random objects is one method by which residents of colder climates amuse themselves until we and our bank accounts are saved by the nice weather.   And speaking of spending money, here is a rather nice photo of fabulous Dekey Dog who is now on arthritis medication and seems to have a new lease on life!  Definitely money well spent. 

I'm so handsome

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