The United Nations of Apples

or maybe a small elitist group that breaks away from the United Nations thinking they are better than anyone else.  

The following countries are represented in our new Urban Dirt Farm orchard; Holland, Russia, England, USA, Germany, Canada and Ireland with the oldest at 1700 and the youngest at 1920.  We are bloody exhausted.  Twelve apple trees, eighteen blackberries, twenty asparagus and two rhubarb plants later, we are dirty, tired and feeling like we accomplished something. 

I’ve mapped out my orchard plot so that I don’t forget what I have when the labels peel off and bleach out with the sun.  The only thing remaining was the three rambling yellow roses (Scent from Above) and I had to put them in a temporary spot as we just ran out of time. 

This is the first batch of apple tree plantings.  They came expertly packed as always from Trees of Antiquity with the tree kits and lots of helpful advice.  We intend to order again this year and get another dozen in the ground. 

So here is the list:

Name Country Of Origin Date
Elstar Holland 1955
Red Astrachan Russia 1816
Cornish Gilliflower England 1700
Seek No Further Massachusetts 1796
Snow Apple Canada 1824
Holstein Germany 1918
Garenstein Germany 1790
Orenco Oregon 1920
Kerry’s Irish Pippin Ireland 1802
Pumpkin Russett New England 1832
Smokehouse Pennsylvania 1857
Strawberry Parfait New Jersey  


While we were visiting we saw wild turkey with Deke in hot pursuit in a kind of limpy legged old man way.  Deke almost ate the Easter Bunny too but the high pitched squealing alerted us to the bloody murder going on outside the kitchen door.  No loss of life, partly because Deke at one time was a bird dog so he has that “soft mouth” though I’m sure they didn’t enjoy playtime with him. 

Michaela - Goddess of Camp Fires

We got the gravel man in for a quote on the driveway.  The tree man came to give us a quote on ridding ourselves of the ugly stumps littered all over the front yard and the “safe” removal of two trees that are leaning toward the house. 

Kid up a Tree

We had time to put our cute little farm knobs on our kitchen cabinets, take photographs of children climbing trees, riding dirt bikes and shooting skeet.

Cool Shit on a Stick

I made a fabulous camp fire ( I am very capable with stickage) and we made time to sit around it and have fun.  We made time to walk around the property and see things such as cool shit growing on a stick.  However, it appears that my new life sentence is the following formula: Michaela + Dyson Vac + Japanese “bastard” beetles = Michaela (pissed off) + Dyson Vac + Aching arm + only a few less Japanese “bastard” beetles.  The beetles are winning.

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