Shane and Travis

Two cowboys, two brothers, two gates and two new pieces of equipment. 

With names like Shane (husband) and Travis (brother-in-law) they really should be out there on horseback riding fences but this weekend they were building one.  Before you could say “my chaps are chafin’” Urban Dirt Farm had a new fence and its fabulous.  Its the fence of all fences, the gates of all gates.  I dare you to bring your Longhorns over for a chew test.

Heavy Duty Farm Gates

The boys really bust their asses getting the fence in place and their hard work  paid off and they won’t mind me mentioning that they were both walking like John Wayne by the time they were done.  Talk about making a huge impact.  Spurred on by beer the boys hung up our newly painted sign announcing to the neighbors that Yee Haw, Urban Dirt Farm is here….and we are farming…..well, we aren’t farming nowt right now but heck….we will we will!

Travis and the Tractor

Travis hung up his spurs and took over the tractor and lassoed Shane and I in for a lesson on how not to kill yourself, how to use the tractor and what to do if you are a no good varmint and roll the tractor over.  No flailing of the arms like you are bull-ridin’, just hunker down and pray for mercy. 

The grass had grown pretty high and this cowgirl did her best by moseying around on the ride-on mower but eventually I got demoted to chuck wagon duties while the boys finished up the fence.  Then they got to work on the grass cutting and snake rustlin’ and between them its under control. 

Da Barn

As for the barn, well its had a bit of a makeover. It was looking a little bit “Desperado”(much like my lame cowboy references).   The gaping hole in the roof needed to be fixed as soon as possible to avoid tearing the whole thing down and starting over.  I’d drawn out my little artists rendition and shared it to the fabulous Vito.  He replaced the old shingle with more tin, fixed the hole, painted and preened and added new custom doors and voila…..its magnificent!

Da Bling Barn

Home, home on the range, where the deer and the Dekey dog play….well seldom is heard a really bad swear word and a six pack of beers lasts a day. Yeah….not entirely true on the UDF.

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